Mar 2, 2015

Three Centuries. The Importance of Telling the Story

Three Centuries of African-American Soldiers 2015
Public awareness about the military contribution of Africans in America, i.e., "blacks", in general,   is lacking. This is especially true about the period covering the country's formative years.

Educational institutions largely ignore this history; usually approaching it, when at all, in fragments and cliches. Why is so much emphasis placed on Crispus Attucks, whose only distinction is being killed in a protest, rather than Salem Poor, who bore arms! What's wrong with this picture?

Information rarely reaches the general public through the media. Commercially, Hollywood produced "Glory", and TNT "Buffalo Soldiers". PBS' "The African Americans" and "Slavery and the Making of America" touch upon portions of it. PBS also made a 5 minute clip,"Black Soldiers and Sailors in the War of 1812".

The institutional negligence of an informed, comprehensive narrative of this military history helps to perpetuate stereo types and myths about black people, and impoverishes the rich story of our nations's development.

Feb 21, 2015


Three Centuries of African American Soldiers
Black History Month is here and once again The Old Barracks Museum hosting our signature BHM event, Three Centuries of African-American Soldiers. Fully uniformed reenactors portray black soldiers and sailors from the formative years of our country to 20th century conflicts,with exhibits of artifacts, weapons, photos. a presentation is given by a notable author.

This year there will feature a larger display commemorating the WWI Centennial.
The Red Hand

Add a touch of authenticity to your Black History Month event with an appearance by Reenactors, as presenters, colors guard, exhibitors. 

Contact us for more information.

Feb 9, 2015

6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regimental Meeting

6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regimental Meeting

Monthly meeting of the 6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regiment

Monthly from 7:30pm to 9pm on the second Tuesday Eastern Time
685 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Trenton NJ (map)
Sable Soldiers - 1st Rhode Island and 6th USCT Regiments