Jul 7, 2015

Don't mean to confuse you....

WITH THE FACTS: Over 209,000 USCT, including sailors, fought under the Union flag against those fighting under Confederate flags, the government of which was based on preservation of an institution that kidnapped, killed, raped, and held 4 million souls in bondage as chattel; on the basis of race.

We Tell the Story of True Freedom Fighters


Jun 8, 2015

6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regimental Meeting

Be there!

6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regimental Meeting

Monthly meeting of the 6th USCT/1st Rhode Island Regiment
Tue Jun 9, 2015 7:30pm – 9pm Eastern Time
685 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Trenton NJ (map)
(Guest list has been hidden at organizer's request)

3rd USCT Monthly Meeting Tonight

3rd USCT Monthly meeting
St. Pauls Baptist Church
10th & Wallace Streets
Philadelphia PA 

Topics -
Flag Day Promenade  Independence Park June 14 
AAMP Juneteenth Celebration and Coordination June 20
Independence Day, Parade  July 4
Fort Mifflin Civil War Day July18
Planning for the 25th anniversary party 2015 and awards.

 Please come out we need you!

Pvt. Joe Becton
3rd Regiment Infantry USCT
 Rather die freemen than live to be slaves