Dec 11, 2010

Africans at Washington's Crossing

 The Delaware River crossing of Colonel Earl Hand of the 1st Pennsylvania was later than Washington's crossing. Colonel Varnum's 9th Continentals being led by Lt Col. Archibald Crary with Christopher  Lippitt's regiment were the Rhode Islanders who went across the Delaware with Hand at( McCloskey's ?) crossing. Consequently, they were not at first  Battle of Trenton. However, these two regiments fought in the summer 1776 at the Battle Brooklyn on Long Island and the Battle of Harlem Heights in New York City. That winter they fought Second Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton in New Jersey.  Several Africans served in these two regiments and many of these men would enlist for three years in the new First and Second Rhode Island regiments being formed in January 1777.

Prince Allen       Benjamin Hoppens Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Samuel Ceasar  Arthur Fenners Co. Christopher Lippitt's  Regiment
Ceasar Cole      Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment in 1777 Second RI
Ceasar Cook     Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment in 1777 Second RI
James Dailey    John S. Dexters Co. Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Ceasar Eason   Arthur Fenners Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Windsor Fry       Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First RI
Jack Hazzard     Christopher Dyer's Co. Christo pher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Pharaoh Hazzard Christopher Dyer's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Benoni Hunt       Thomas Groton's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First RI
Cato Mawney     Thomas Groton's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First  RI
Nathan Pero       Nathaneil Blackmars Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
John Perry         Christopher Dyer's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment in1781 Flagg'sCo. First RI
James Profit       Christopher Smith Co. Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment
Phillip Rodman   Baley's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Thomas Sambo Thomas Grotons Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1781 he joined the R.I. regiment
Benoni Taylor     David Dexters Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First  RI


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Submitted by
Sgt. Joe Becton
Captain John Dexter's Company
Colonel Christopher Greene's  First Rhode Island Regiment
"I joined the Army to Obtain my Freedom"

Prepare for Battle

The word is given! We have received dispatch that the event will be held Sunday, the day after Christmas. Crown and Continental forces will deploy in Trenton for ceremony and battle as follows:

Sunday, December 26, 2010
  • Registration begins 7 AM to 9 AM, Old Barracks Museum
  • 10 AM All officer's meeting, Long Room, Old Barracks Officer's House
  • 10:30 formation, Old Barracks Parade, rolls taken, divisions sorted, safety inspections
  • 10:50 All troops march out to jump-off points for 1st Battle
  • The First Battle of Trenton, 11 a.m. to Noon
  • Nooning at Masonic Temple, hot and cold buffet provided by the Masons. Please note, due to the uncertainty of whether the Old Barracks would be closed by State budget cuts earlier this year, the Masons were unable to get the grant support they usually have had to help underwrite the cost of the meals for battle participants. There will be no charge for any re-enactor participating, but a voluntary donation bucket will be placed near the line for lunches and if you are so inclined, please donate what you can towards the defraying the cost of the meal.
  • 2:10 PM, Formations on Old Barracks Parade, safety inspections
  • 2:20 PM March out to Memorial Service for the Slain, in front of 1st Presbyterian Church
  • 2:30 PM. Memorial Service for the Slain (practice going to "Mourn Arms" before coming)
  • 3:00 - 4:00 PM.The Second Battle of Trenton
  • 4:10 PM Final Formation on Parade of Old Barracks and dismissal
The Battles of Trenton kicks off Patriot's Week