Jun 7, 2007

Memorial Weekend

The regiment had a full weekend, participating in 4 venues:
the Lawrenceville parade, the Willingboro parade, the Pennington parade, and the Pennington African Cemetery commemoration.

In 1999 The Department of Community affairs awarded Pennington Burrough a $24,000 grant to restore the cemetery where people of African descent have been buried, including Civil War soldiers. The burrough worked with the association, headed by Al Witcher, on plans for the restoration. In 2005 it held a dedication ceremony for the cemetery.

This Memorial Day, d
ignitaries and guest once again assembled to pay respect to those interned in the Pennington African Cemetery. Program participants included the Mayor Anthony Persichilli, Rev. Thomas Hill - pastor Bethel AME church, 1st Sgt Fred Minus - President 6th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops, Reenactors, Rev Wayne Griffith - pastor First Baptist Church Pennington. Sgt Minus spoke about the military contributions of American Africans and the importance of knowing history .
The ceremony concluded with the reenactor contingent firing a volley salute

Battle of Bordentown

The 1st Rhode Island Regiment mustered a contingent of 12, including 6 cadets, for this event.
This action packed reenactment fielded over 1500 reenactors comprising American British, French and German infantry forces and artillery batteries. The event did not recreate an actual historic battle but was part of Bordentown's 325TH Anniversary celebration.

The 1st RI formed up under the 3rd company on Saturday. Pvt. Ward was selected for detached duty with the light infantry. Scenarios ranged from skirmishes in the woods, and defending a redoubt between companies of the opposing forces, artillery exchanges, and full battalion engagement. During the battle our cadets fielded as a musician, and runners who delivered messages for the officers. As scripted the Americans were victorious. On Sunday we formed up with 2ND company and re-fought the battle, but this time the script called for the Continental Army to lose. Our troops fixed bayonets valiantly charged the Crown forces who met us with a devastating volley.

This was a good opportunity for new cadets who had participated in ceremonies and parades, to see the elephant (battle). A special thanks goes out to the field officers for taking them under their wings and letting them participate. They also got to experience camp life - gathering firewood, cooking, cleaning, and other camp chores.During the event, members of the regiment came to the attention of various members of the media, who came across us in the camp who eagerly photographed and interviewed us. We were also approached by a Mike Kirkpatrick one of the reenactors who retraced Rochambeau's march form Rhode Island to Virginia, filmed us for the documentary. Mike showed us the translated diaries of French soldiers which he is used to retrace the march. He pointed out the comments made by these soldiers who praised the deportment and valor of black soldiers of the historic 1ST Rhode Island.

For more details about the event see Sgt Ward's After Action Report.

Jun 5, 2007

Come have an action packed weekend. Join the 1ST Rhode Island Regiment A Foot and other regiments at the Battle of Bordentown, a re-enactment performance titled being held at the Divine Word Seminary Park,.

Press release:

"...The schedule for the Battle of Bordentown will feature an open camp, where the public can mill around and see how soldiers lived while they were out near the front lines of battle.
There also will be a "History on the Hoof" feature, which will allow spectators to hear music from the 1700s. That will take place in the Sutler area.
At 2 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, all spectators will be reminded that they must be on the enclosed battle site. Due to the nature of the re-enactment, no one will be permitted on Park Street at that time for safety reasons...."

You can also access this and other HUZZAH!! postings at 6thusct.blogspot.com

CPL Brooks 6thUSCT/1stRhode Island Regiment