Jun 5, 2007

Come have an action packed weekend. Join the 1ST Rhode Island Regiment A Foot and other regiments at the Battle of Bordentown, a re-enactment performance titled being held at the Divine Word Seminary Park,.

Press release:

"...The schedule for the Battle of Bordentown will feature an open camp, where the public can mill around and see how soldiers lived while they were out near the front lines of battle.
There also will be a "History on the Hoof" feature, which will allow spectators to hear music from the 1700s. That will take place in the Sutler area.
At 2 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, all spectators will be reminded that they must be on the enclosed battle site. Due to the nature of the re-enactment, no one will be permitted on Park Street at that time for safety reasons...."

You can also access this and other HUZZAH!! postings at 6thusct.blogspot.com

CPL Brooks 6thUSCT/1stRhode Island Regiment

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