Apr 5, 2009

Our Weekend Adventure at Fort Mifflin

So close to the Philadelphia International Airport is Fort Mifflin, that landing jets pass so low overhead that they can drown out a conversation you are having on the parade grounds. Built in the 1700's, this weekend it was occuppied by reenactors gathered for the first United States Colored Troops Civil War Weekend. The event featured reenactors portraying President Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, General Meade, and many other historical characters. Hosted by the 3rd Regiment Infantry USCT, the venue also included lectures, dramatic presentations, exhibits, rifle firing and artillery firing demos. Most visitors, seventy, attended on Saturday, less on Sunday. Though the turnout was small , from the responses from the visitors were very positive. As the word gets out about the event, we anticipate attendance will grow in the future. Due to a technical problem most of the live online video feed did not upload so it is not available for view on or website. I have viedeo clips from a camera that I will upload after editing down to a size accepted by the Web hosting service.

Congradulations to the 3rd USCT on a job well done!

Cpl Leon Brooks, 6th Regiment USCT

Apr 1, 2009

United States Colored Troops – Civil War Weekend

In conjunction with the commemoration of Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday the 3rd Regiment U.S. Colored Troops is holding the “United States Colored Troops Weekend”, at Fort Mifflin, in Philadelphia Pa. Re-enactors potraying historical persons will attend. See President Abraham Lincoln review the troops, Frederick Douglas, General George Meade and Harriet Tubman along with others of the period will be there to tell their stories. Exhibits from the Ragsdale Slavery Museum collection, CROHL, the Camp William Penn collection along with a Civil War diorama will be on display. There will also be a U.S. Navy exhibit and the “Women of the Civil War”. A genealogical research table will be available. There will be tours of the fort, soldier’s life programs, musical presentations and weapons demonstrations.