Dec 11, 2010

Africans at Washington's Crossing

 The Delaware River crossing of Colonel Earl Hand of the 1st Pennsylvania was later than Washington's crossing. Colonel Varnum's 9th Continentals being led by Lt Col. Archibald Crary with Christopher  Lippitt's regiment were the Rhode Islanders who went across the Delaware with Hand at( McCloskey's ?) crossing. Consequently, they were not at first  Battle of Trenton. However, these two regiments fought in the summer 1776 at the Battle Brooklyn on Long Island and the Battle of Harlem Heights in New York City. That winter they fought Second Battle of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton in New Jersey.  Several Africans served in these two regiments and many of these men would enlist for three years in the new First and Second Rhode Island regiments being formed in January 1777.

Prince Allen       Benjamin Hoppens Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Samuel Ceasar  Arthur Fenners Co. Christopher Lippitt's  Regiment
Ceasar Cole      Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment in 1777 Second RI
Ceasar Cook     Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment in 1777 Second RI
James Dailey    John S. Dexters Co. Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Ceasar Eason   Arthur Fenners Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Windsor Fry       Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First RI
Jack Hazzard     Christopher Dyer's Co. Christo pher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Pharaoh Hazzard Christopher Dyer's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First RI
Benoni Hunt       Thomas Groton's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First RI
Cato Mawney     Thomas Groton's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment,in 1777 First  RI
Nathan Pero       Nathaneil Blackmars Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
John Perry         Christopher Dyer's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment in1781 Flagg'sCo. First RI
James Profit       Christopher Smith Co. Varnum's 9th Continental Regiment
Phillip Rodman   Baley's Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment
Thomas Sambo Thomas Grotons Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1781 he joined the R.I. regiment
Benoni Taylor     David Dexters Co. Christopher Lippitt's Regiment, in 1777 First  RI


Rhode Island Military Census of 1777
United States Census for Rhode Island 1790
Benjamin Cowell "The Spirit of 76 In Rhode Island" Boston 1850
Pension Records
Service Records Film M881-
Rhode Island Archives (Folder) Minorites in the Revolution, Providence R.I.
Black Courage (DAR) 1984
Debra Newman's List of Black Revolutionary Soldiers (NARA )1976
“The Pennsylvania Line “ John Trussell 1977
"So few the Brave" Anthony Walker 1981

Submitted by
Sgt. Joe Becton
Captain John Dexter's Company
Colonel Christopher Greene's  First Rhode Island Regiment
"I joined the Army to Obtain my Freedom"

Prepare for Battle

The word is given! We have received dispatch that the event will be held Sunday, the day after Christmas. Crown and Continental forces will deploy in Trenton for ceremony and battle as follows:

Sunday, December 26, 2010
  • Registration begins 7 AM to 9 AM, Old Barracks Museum
  • 10 AM All officer's meeting, Long Room, Old Barracks Officer's House
  • 10:30 formation, Old Barracks Parade, rolls taken, divisions sorted, safety inspections
  • 10:50 All troops march out to jump-off points for 1st Battle
  • The First Battle of Trenton, 11 a.m. to Noon
  • Nooning at Masonic Temple, hot and cold buffet provided by the Masons. Please note, due to the uncertainty of whether the Old Barracks would be closed by State budget cuts earlier this year, the Masons were unable to get the grant support they usually have had to help underwrite the cost of the meals for battle participants. There will be no charge for any re-enactor participating, but a voluntary donation bucket will be placed near the line for lunches and if you are so inclined, please donate what you can towards the defraying the cost of the meal.
  • 2:10 PM, Formations on Old Barracks Parade, safety inspections
  • 2:20 PM March out to Memorial Service for the Slain, in front of 1st Presbyterian Church
  • 2:30 PM. Memorial Service for the Slain (practice going to "Mourn Arms" before coming)
  • 3:00 - 4:00 PM.The Second Battle of Trenton
  • 4:10 PM Final Formation on Parade of Old Barracks and dismissal
The Battles of Trenton kicks off Patriot's Week

Nov 21, 2010

Lifting Our Voices in Song

In this clip of the Trenton Thanksgiving Day Parade, you'll hear us singing while we march. Audiences like this and cheer us on, but this is not done just to entertain the crowd. It's part of the history. Modern military groups in parades call cadence to keep in step and sing marching songs during drill. In Rev War and Civil War periods, as well as calling cadences, soldiers on the march played and sang popular music, gave inspiring music for their cause, sang the praises about their leader or regiment, marked their return from battle, or sang about military life. In those times when travel took so long by foot, it helped keep up the spirit and helped the endure the hardships.

Nov 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Parade


Thanksgiving Day Parade

Parade Route - State House to City Hall.
Marchers gather at 10 AM.
More info -
6th USCT: or 609-310-1521
Sat Nov 20 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Trenton NJ (map)

6TH Regiment U.S. Colored Troops, Reenactors Inc.

Nov 2, 2010

The Pennsylvania Grand Review Reenactment 2010

Reenactment of the historic victory parade for US Colored Troops:
event website -
Regimental Contact - 6thusct+review@gmail.con
Sat Nov 6, 2010
300 North St. Harrisburg Pa. (map)

6TH Regiment United States Colored Troops, Reenactors Inc. - organizer
At the end of the Civil War, the Federal army held a Grand Review  of its troops in Washington DC to celebrate the nation's hard fought victory over the Confederacy.

Oct 5, 2010

Allentown Civil War Reenactment

Allentown Reenactment

The 6th USCT will join the 2nd New Jersey Brigade, 22nd USCT, and other reenactors in a Civil War reenactment being held at Heritage Park, in conjunction with the Allentown Fall Festival. The Army encampment opens to the public at 10am. It will include exhibits, including a field hospital demonstration. Union and Confederate forces will engage on the battlefield. There will also be an old time baseball. Outdoor stands will line on Main St. displaying seasonal foods, crafts, and wares of local vendors and artists.

event sponsor: 2nd New Jersey Brigade.

event contact: Robert A. Bowell, (570) 588-6400,
6th USCT contact: 1st Sergeant Fred Minus, Trenton, 609-915-7148,
22nd USCT contact: Sergeant Charles Harris, Asbury Park,

Sat Oct 9 10am – 4pm Eastern Time
Heritage Park, Allentown NJ

Telling The Story of True Freedom Fighters

We bring the story of the contributions of soldiers and sailors of African descent in the formative years of our country to young people, in the hope they will embrace this proud heritage.
Help us by using our Freelanthropy search page.

Sep 30, 2010

Battle of Germantown

On October 4, 1777, the Continental Army fought the British out in Germantown. On Battle Day of the Revolutionary Germantown Festival, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment will represent men of African descent who fought in this battle. For more information on this and other festival events, visit the event site:
event site -
Sat Oct 2 10:00 – 14:00 Eastern Time
Cliveden 6401 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA (map)

Telling The Story of True Freedom Fighters

We bring the story of the contributions of soldiers of African descent in the formative years of our country to young people in the hope they will embrace this proud heritage.
Help us by using our Freelanthropy search page.

Aug 25, 2010

Brooklyn Heights Battle Commemoration

Revolutionary War -.Part of Battle Week Celebration
10 AM - 3 PM Re-enactment inside the Main Gate

1:30 PM Parade to top of Battle Hill

2 PM Memorial Ceremony at Battle Hill

event contact: 718-768-7300
event site:

Sun Aug 29 10am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
Green-Wood Cemetery, 5th Avenue at 25th Street, Brooklyn NY (map)

Jun 30, 2010

Philadelphia July 4th Day Parade

6th Regiment USCT will join with the 3rd USCT to participate in the July 4th celebration of the country's independence.
Sun Jul 4 11am – 12pm Eastern Time
Event Site
Philadelphia Pa. (map)

Jun 18, 2010

Battle of Monmouth Reenactment

Battle of Monmouth Reenactment

1st Rhode Island Regiment activity. Revolutionary War reenactment. A detachment of the historic regiment fought in this battle. This year a contingent of the 1st RI reenactors will attend on Saturday.
Sat Jun 19 – Sun Jun 20, 2010
Monmouth Battle Field Freehold, NJ (map)

Jun 5, 2010

New Jersey Parents and Educators - NOW's The Time to Raise Your Voice.

Many of your families and schools have taken advantage of the unique educational and historical experience the Old Barracks provides. My high school history teacher,Ms.Beinstein, used to say the two greatest dangers to our democracy are ignorance and indifference. Prior to our involvement with the Barracks, very few people, even in the reenactment community, knew of the military contributions of African-Americans in the American Revolution. Knowledge about our historical heritage helps define us, and binds us. When our public institutions stop supporting places which teach us about our past, we are all in peril. To preserve this living heritage we need to raise our voices in its support. We need to reinstate funding for the Old Barracks. We've known for some months the funds have been cut, but we need to act NOW. The following excerpt of an urgent message from Richard Patterson, Director of the Old Barracks, tells how to make your voice heard. Remember some things are worth preserving, even in tough times.

Cpl Leon Brooks 6th Regiment Infantry USCT

Subject: Need to send e-mails to Assembly NOW

I still think almost no one is writing to any legislators – and I DO mean almost NO ONE. A writing/e-mail campaign to the Assembly will be the most effective.

There are several members of the assembly Budget Committee that are leaning in favor of finding some money to help the Barracks. Joan Quigley (D- Jersey City) really held the Lt. Governor’s feet to the fire specifically about the Barracks fate during the budget hearings for Dept. of State (see the video on our website or the Old Barracks You Tube Channel). Assemblyman Peter Barnes (D-Edison) actually visited the Barracks after the budget hearings two days ago, by himself, to take a tour and was blown away. He even went home, went online to our website, and donated $50. Gary Schaer (D- Passaic) was extremely sympathetic questioning me during my testimony to the Committee. Assemblyman Wolfe (R-Brick) asked useful questions of me during my testimony (in one he got the dates of the F&I wrong which made for some good natured exchanges and an opportunity to invite him back to see our French & Indian exhibit) and said he’d visited the Barracks several times. I shook his hand in the hall afterward and he said they’d try to do something.

The imperative need now is to nail down all of them with an intensive e-mail campaign. Remember, no matter how sympathetic they are, they are overwhelmed by the crush of all of this and are being intentionally bombarded with even more curve balls thrown by the governor everyday. They need to be reminded and impressed.

We need a LOT of the individuals to write. Go to our website:, and click the “Alert” banner. Pick out a few good talking points (maybe from the FAQs?) and compose one decent, brief letter, then click on each of the contacts below, paste your letter in, and hit send. Do it for EACH of the assembly committee members below. Then, while you’re already in the “Alert” section of our website, click “find your legislator”, click it, type in your zip code, and up will come the contact info for both of your assembly persons and your State senator. Send them the same letter. This will take maybe 20 minutes. I’ve practically distilled all this down into baby food for everybody, I can’t do any more. They have to pick up the ball and run with it.

Time for everyone to act, IMMEDIATELY!




Pou, Nellie - Chair
Ramos, Ruben J. - Vice-Chair

Addiego, Dawn Marie
Barnes, Peter J.
Chivukula, Upendra J.
Conaway, Herb
DiMaio, John

Greenwald, Louis D.

McKeon, John F.
Peterson, Erik
Stender, Linda
Thompson, Samuel D.

Budget Committee

Greenwald, Louis D. - Chair
Schaer, Gary S. - Vice-Chair
Barnes, Peter J.
Burzichelli, John J.

Coutinho, Albert
Johnson, Gordon M.

Malone, Joseph R.
O'Scanlon, Declan J.

Pou, Nellie

Quigley, Joan M.
Webber, Jay

Wolfe, David W.

May 27, 2010

New Event: Memorial Day Parade

Lawrence Memorial Day Parade

6th Regiment Infantry USCT will have a colors guard participating in the parade. From the school the parade will march south to Darrah Lane and the parade's endpoint at Veterans Park. Formation is at 9AM. Parade kicks ff at 10 AM.
Sat May 29 10:00 – 11:00 Eastern Time
Lawrence High School, Lawrenceville NJ (map)

more detail

May 12, 2010

After Action by Leon Brooks

Neshaminy Re-enactment Report

On May 1st, four members of the 6th USCT participated in the Neshaminy re-enactment.First Sgt Fred Minus, Cpl Leon Brooks, Private Kyle Allen, musician Darien Williams, and one cadet, James. Upon arrival we set up camp with the 3rd USCT. Since we were only attending one day, we didn't bring our own tents or cooking equipment. First Sgt stayed in camp and detailed Cpl Brooks to take the unit to the field. Cpl Brooks issued powder, firing caps, three rifles and two bayonets. One bayonet's had scabbard failed. James was assigned to serve as a runner for the battalion field officers. Since our numbers were small we were combined with the Garibaldi Guard to form 2nd company. Cpl Larry Harris and Pvt. Antoine Watts from the 3rd USCT joined us in the field. The 22nd USCT was also at the event but fielded with the 2nd New Jersey.

About 800 re-enactors participated on Saturday and the event was well attended by spectators. There were exhibits demonstrating period crafts and sutlers selling goods for reenactors and the public. A band entertained listeners with period selections. The public was treated to an artillery demonstration. Out of site of the public, re-enactors conducted a tactical in which our battalion was deployed to engage rebel forces already in position in the woods. The action started fast with us fighting on the run to take on the smaller but mobile Confederate force. We came to a halt cover when we encountered a rebel barricade above our position. With them having the high ground it was going to be difficult to take this position. Before the officers could proceed the tactical was stopped, reportedly due to an injury on the field. This provided a welcome chance to stop for water. It was very hot, and according to a park ranger, more re-enactors dropped out this year because of the heat than in the previous year. The tactical was discontinued and we marched to the site of the main event where the Battle of Sailors Creek was being reenacted. Toward the end of the battle Corporal Brooks was called from the ranks to see our cadet, who needed to be taken to the field hospital because the heat and smoke had affected him. After cooling down in the shade of the tent with some ice cold Gatorade, he was fine. After the battle the regiment reported back to First Sgt. in camp. Weapons and remaining cartridges were collected in preparation for departure. All items were accounted for and the regiment returned safely to Trenton.

Submitted by
Cpl. Leon Brooks, 6th Regiment Infantry USCT.

May 11, 2010

New Old Barracks video


Hi Friends,

This video just up on YouTube was shot by a volunteer just two weeks ago.There was a typical school group (about 18,500 will have experienced this, or a similar program, here this current school year)experiencing our "Meet the Past - New Jersey Divided" school program and a group of teachers who were here on a "Teaching American History" grant. Aside from the setup text, there's no voiceover, just the sounds of the interpreters, the kids, and the opinions of the teachers. It's about 4 1/2 minutes long.

Rich Patterson
Executive Director
Old Barracks Museum
and 3rd NY Regt.

Apr 29, 2010

Come See the Action! (Leon Brooks)

Neshaminy Civil War Reenactment


The Neshaminy State Park are sponsoring a Civil War living history weekend focused on the 1865 Appomattox Campaign. There will be a host of Civil War programs throughout the day.

event contact: Ken Gavin, Tel# 610-809-6540
Sat May 1 – Sun May 2, 2010
Neshaminy State Park, Philadelphia Pa. (map)

Help Tell the Story

Apr 12, 2010

United States Colored Troops Civil War Weekend 2010


This weekend re-enactors from Boston to North Carolina gathered at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia Pa., telling the stories of the African American struggle participate in the war to end slavery.  Re-enactors Micheal Crutcher, portraying Frederick Douglas, Andy Waski as General George Meade and Dr. Sandra Cherry as Harriet Tubman along with other surprise guests of the period were on hand to tell their stories.


Apr 5, 2010

United States Colored Troops – Civil War Weekend


United States Colored Troops – Civil War Weekend

April 9, 10 & 11, 2010
The Black troops return to at Fort Mifflin not since World War II has the fort seen so many African American Troops. say's
Military Historian Tom Davis.
Re-enactors from Boston to North Carolina will be telling the stories of the African American struggle participate in the war to end slavery.  Re-enactors Micheal Crutcher, portraying Frederick Douglas, Andy Waski as General George Meade and Dr. Sandra Cherry as Harriet Tubman along with other surprise guests of the period will be on hand to tell their stories.
Come and experience a one of a kind Civil War and 19th century living history event that the whole family will long remember. See the School of Soldiering in action, real weapons firings. Experience the "Voices of Freedom"  play about the Battle of New Market Heights where 14 medals of honor were awarded Black soldiers. We can help you search for your Civil War Ancestry among the listing of over 187,000 United States Colored Troops whose service predates the famed Buffalo Soldiers. 
There will be books,posters,post cards,caps and DVD's for sale on USCT"s and Camp William Penn. Dr James Paradis will discuss "John Brown and the origins of the war" and other scholars are being invited.
Exhibits: From Robert F. Houston "The Long Road to Freedom",  Joe and Gwen Ragsdale's portable exhibit  from The Lest We forget Holocast Slavery Museum, and CROHL 's Camp William Penn exhibit will be on display. Come and learn the truth about slavery, the Underground Railroad, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Juneteenth Celebration. See and hear the period's music, poetry, medical treatments for battle wounds and disease.   
Finally, coordinator, Joe Becton say's "This not only about guys and guns, we have something for everyone plays, actors, schalors, family history, exhibits, demonstrations and music".
In addition there will be tours of the fort, soldier's life programs, musical presentations and weapons demonstrations. Bring a picnic lunch or purchase food in the fort and enjoy the sights of the Delaware River.   

General Admission Fees: 
Adults $6
Seniors $5
Children (6 to 12) and Veterans $3
Children 5 years and younger Free

For more Information please call

(215) 685-4167 - Main Office

Or visit our website:
School groups are requested to register in advance for the April 9th's educational programs.

Program Schedule
April 9, Friday
 School Day
10:00 Set up
  4:30 Reenactors' Dinner
  6:00 Fort Tour and History
  8:00 DVD's
April 10 Saturday
8:00 Coffee Tea, and Fruit, Miffins, donuts and Bagels
 Breakfast Served by 14th R.I.
9:00 Morning Meeting Clear the Fort of All 20th century Equipment
9:30 All Cars in the Army Corps lot.
10:00 Fort Opens, raise the Colors
Exhibits Open in the Exhibt Room, and The Ragsdale Slavery exhibit in the Arsenal
School of the Soldier on the parade ground
 Enlisted mens barracks  Each regiment will offer one program a day.
Fort Tour 
10:30 Soldier life program  (parade Ground near the enlisted mens barracks)3rd USCT
10:30 Genral Meade and Staff in the (Officers Quarters)
10:30 Ladies of the Civil War (Officers Quarters)
11:00  Tour ends at Weapons Demonstration 14th R.I.
11:15  Voices of freedom (Bake Oven)
12:00  Lunch
  1:00 Fort Tour
  1:00  Black Soldiers in Blue Video (in the Arsenal)
  1:30  General Meade and Fred Douglass Address and inspect the Troops
  2:00   United States Colored Artillery
  2:30  James Paradis presentation on John Brown (in the Arsenal)
  3:00  Soldier life program  (parade Ground near the enlisted mens barracks)6th USCT
  3:00  Fort Tour
  3:45  Weapons demonstration
  4:00 Fort Closes Taps Take down The Colors
  4:45 Meeting of the troops
  5:30 Dinner and celebration
Sunday April 11
8:00 Coffee Tea, and Fruit, Miffins, donuts and Bagels
 Breakfast Served by 14th R.I. and Fort Mifflin Historical Society
9:00 Morning Meeting Clear the Fort of All 20th century Equipment
9:30 All Cars in the Army Corps lot.
10:00 Fort Opens, raise the Colors
Exhibits Open in the Exhibt Room, and The Ragsdale Slavery exhibit in the Arsenal
School of the Soldier on the parade ground
Fort Tour 
10:30 Soldier life program  (parade Ground near the enlisted mens barracks)3rd USCT
10:30 Frederick Douglass in the (Officers Quarters)
10:30 Ladies of the Civil War (Officers Quarters)
11:00  Tour ends at Weapons Demonstration 14th R.I.
11:15  Black Soldiers In Blue (Arsenal)
11:30  Fort Tour
12:00  Lunch
  1:00  United States Colored Artillery 12th USCHA
  1:30  Fred Douglass Addresses and inspectes the Troops
  2:00  Voices of freedom (Bake Oven)
  2:30  Donald Scott "The Most Sucessful men and their lives after Camp William Penn" (in the Arsenal)
  2:30  Soldier life program  (parade Ground near the enlisted mens barracks)6th USCT
  2:45  Weapons demonstration
  3:00 Oni Lasani "Always Free" A story of Juneteenth
  4:00 Fort Closes Taps, Take down the Colors

Apr 3, 2010

In Memory of Our Fallen Comrade - A message from the President of USCTLHA

 George Smith, President of the U.S. Colored Troops Living History Association, issued the following  message, concerning the passing of  Dexter Akinsheye, our brother in arms. We had the pleasure of meeting him and his young cadets at a Fort Pocahontas Reenactment.

President's Message
March 2010

On April 3, 2010, many of us will assemble in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the life of Dexter Akinsheye. Dexter will be remembered for his many contributions to the preservation of the history of the USCT and his contributions to our modern day interpretation of the history of the USCT. Dexter truly embodied the spirit of the USCT.
Dexter was so moved by the legacy of the USCT that he invested time and energy to nurture the USCT cadet program in Washington. I still have vivid warm feelings of the pride I experienced while observing the cadets in Wilmington, North Carolina and at Camp Nelson, Kentucky. The impact of Dexter's work with these young men will be felt and witnessed for years to come. The history of the USCT will certainly not be forgotten in the minds of this group of youth. I pray and hope that someone in the Washington, D.C. area will emerge to continue the cadet program.
As a tribute to Dexter's work and the legacy of the USCT, I am renewing by efforts in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to establish a cadet program. The efforts of the 13th USCT Regiment to establish a cadet program in the past was not successful. Our frustrations with this failed effort caused us to abandon trying over the last few years to direct our attention to the recruitment of adults. As you can imagine the competition for the attention of a young man is stiff as he begins the transition from elementary school to middle school.

Mar 29, 2010

Urgent Press Release Submitted by Leon Brooks

 The following release was issued by Richard Patterson,director of The Old Barracks whose unwavering support has helped us tell the story of black soldiers in the American Revolution.
For Immediate Release:                                                                        March 25, 2010
Contact: Richard Patterson, Executive Director (845)551-7725
Old Barracks Museum
101 Barracks St.
Trenton, NJ   08608

Old Barracks Eliminated from New Jersey Budget after 93 Years

The Old Barracks, which the New Jersey Legislature ordered built in 1758-59 to house British troops for the French and Indian War, has been cut from the FY11 proposed budget.
The State-owned National Historic Landmark was saved by a group of patriotic Trenton women who in 1914 gave the building and land to the State. In return, the Legislature  agreed to partially fund a private-public partnership for the preservation of the site.
Richard Patterson, Executive Director of The Old Barracks Museum, testified today (Thursday, March 25, 2010) at the Camden hearing of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. In his prepared remarks (attached), Patterson stated that the annual State funding level of $375,000, in force since 1994, covers 45% of annual operating costs. Without that funding, Patterson said, the not-for-profit Old Barracks Association, administrator of the site, faces bankruptcy.
The museum celebrated the 250th anniversary of its building in 2009.  The Barracks is the most important building still standing from the Battles of Trenton and has been ranked as one of just two New Jersey sites among the top 25 sites of the American Revolution. It is one of nine museums in New Jersey accredited by the American Association of Museums, the only historic site of the nine.

U.S.Colored Troops Civil War Weekend

USCT Weekend


United States Colored Troops at Fort Mifflin. The activities at the Fort will include: Fort Tours, Historic Impressionists, Exhibits, Demonstrations, and Music.
event contact: Joe Becton 215-834-7328.
All day, Sat Apr 10 – Sun Apr 11, 2010
Fort Mifflin (map)

Mar 28, 2010

Action Packed Kickoff by Leon Brooks

We kicked off this year's reenactment season with appearances at the New York Historical Society (NYH-S). March is the last of our 5 monthly appearances in our Civil War impression, for the Lincoln's New York exhibit, commemorating President Lincoln's 200th birthday. The museum will be closing the exhibits for 18 months to undertake some major renovations.

Our Black History Month (BHM) calendar was one of the most ambitious we've had to date. Starting with our planned celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the USCT room at the Civil War and Native American Museum, in Hamilton. Unfortunately the this event had to be canceled because of the emergency.

Fred Minus, Joe Becton, and I  appeared as the 1st Rhode Island Regiment for the National Park Service's celebration of President Washington's birthday and Black History month, at Federal Memorial Hall. We had more school kids visit our exhibit at this event than I've seen at any similar event before. Class after class came. While I manned the display, Joe Becton wowed the classes with his colonial lore and renditions of Continental  songs. I always look forward to hearing  Joe's presentation. Our historian, he does a lot of research and is always introducing new information. This time he covered the contribution of Hispanics and Africans who fought for Spain against the British during the American Revolution. Fred Minus saw to it that no child or adult was left behind in learning about the exploits of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment and the response of blacks to the call to bear arms. We were in good company with our comrades from the Fife and Drums of the Old Barracks, who played at the event.

In one weekend the regimental split up to cover three events for NYH-S, Tory Jack Day at the Staatshouse in Boundbrook, and the Boy Scout encampment at Valley Forge.

1st Sergeant Fred Minus gave a presentation to the Trenton NAACP.

Our BHM culminated with Three Centuries of African American Soldiers. We were fortunate to have the sponsorship and support for this event from the Old Barracks and Trenton Historical Society. The Old Barracks, in addition to hosting the event, produced very beautiful posters and rack cards for the event. In addition to print announcements WZBN TV's interview of us aired the day before. The severe weather had held up some of our preparations, and we were holding our breaths up to the date of the event, hoping the weather would hold. Despite the overcast  ans slight shower we had a great turn out with 88 visitors coming Saturday, and 55 on Sunday. Print and TV news media covered the event.

Cpl. Leon Brooks
photo album - Valerie Willams (special thanks)