May 19, 2009

Season Highlights

New Interpretation: Blacks in the Spanish Military in the American Revolution and Afterwards
Members of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment participated in the Battle of Pensacola

They were part of the Black Havana Freedmens militia. The battle had two black regiments -
one free and one slave. Historically there were about 6 black regiments, comprising of slaves,
freed blacks, or combined fighting for Spain. There were also black soldiers from Port of Prince, Haitii, fighting for France. This is the second reenact
ment we've done portraying a non-Continental Army regiment historically composed of Africans. The impact of the Am
erican Revolution on liberation of slaves throughout the Carribian and the
threat these posed to the Southern slave states is largely ignored. The justification for non-subjugation to devine rule by the crown was justified as being a natural right of man. This undermined the justification for the enslavement of Africans. The ideal of freedom was, and is, to powerful to contain.

Memorials are an important part of our activities.The regiment participated in ceremonies in Wyoming DE, Lawrence NJ, WestamptonNJ, Jamesburg NJ

Living History Programs

Fort McHenry Civil War Days- Baltimore MD.
Battle of Pensacola - Pensacola FL.
USCT Civil War Weekend - Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia PA.

Living history is the primary purpose of the regiments. There are many reenactment groups in the "hobby" which do battle reenactments and encampments, but the core mission of our organization is educational.

Battle Reenactments

Neshaminy Battle - Philadelphia PA.
76th Annual Dover Days, Dover DE.

Special Event

Members of the 1st Rhode Island and 6th USCT formed up with the Old Barracks Fife and Drums in the Return of the Troops Parade in Trenton NJ.

Upcoming Event

Battle of Monmouth in Feehold - Saturday 6/27 and Sunday 6/28

Members of the the 1st Rhode Island Regiment attended the Battle of Pensacola in Florida. Joe Becton had been in contact with Hector ..., of the Fixed regiment of Puerto Rico who provided background on blacks serving in the Spainisn Military, and details about Spainish military protocol.

Rite of Passage

Members of the 6th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops, Reenactors Inc. extend warm congradulations to Kyle Allen, who was promoted from cadet to private. Kyle has faithfully participated for years as a cadet musician in both Civil War and Rev War events. In April he saw the elephant (participated in his first battle as a soldier) at the Neshaminy reenactment. When a cadet turns 16, and has undergone safety training for handling black powder weapons, he is eligeable to join the soldier ranks and bear arms in events. As a full member, he takes on the responsibility for telling the story of the military contributions of African-American soldiers in the formation of this country. Through this rite of passage, we hope to connect young men such as him with this proud legacy, and help them to take their rightful place as contributing members in the community.