Jan 8, 2007

ONLINE NEWSLETTER Winter Issue 1 01/07

Attention to Orders
Gyasi Mann is promoted to the rank of Drum Sergeant Major, with all the accompanying duties and priviledges. The promtion was given on the parade grounds of the Old Barracks, during the Battle of Trenton event. Sgt. Mann grew up in the hobby as part of the Old Barracks Fife and Drum Corps. He took on the task of teaching cadets fife and drum. Cadets can learn to be musicians in one or both the American Revolution and Civil War. Currently he is a graduate student at the University of Wisconson.

Regiments Go Into Winter Quarters
Another successful reenactment season closed with the Battles of Trenton. Once again the troops aquitted themselves well. We had a strong showing, with fourteen soldiers and cadets mustering for the event. It's easy to take this for granted, but the reponses we receive show how much of we still are considered a novelty - even within the hobby. We have made a lot of progress. Where we were first met with skepticism and rejection, thanks to support of the Old Barracks, Camp Olden, and many others in the reenactment community, we are now welcomed wherever we go. As living historians there's still a lot of work for us to do tell the story about the military contributions of Africans in America. Our most important task is to provide youths with an opportunity to be a part of this proud local and national heritage. Our cadets travel with us, participating at reenactments, encampments, ceremonies, and parades. Thank you for your continued support.