Dec 1, 2006

Fall Issue 4-1 12/06

Telling the Story

Member Articles -
Trenton Thanksgiving Day Parade

Once again the United States Colored Troops acquitted themselves with distinction in the two events where they participated. At the Trenton Thanksgiving Parade the 6th Regiment was joined by their loyal comrades from the 22nd Regiment, Sgt. Rashid Khan, Cpls. Brian Daniels and Charles Harris whose son accompanied him. The Trenton Thanksgiving parade was marked by the inclusion of several new cadets recruited by Pvt. Leon Brooks that swelled the ranks offering a good portent for the future of the 6th Regiment.

Ghettysburg National Civil War Cemetary Commemoration

At the Gettysburg National Civil War Cemetary where members of the 3rd, 6th, and 22nd Regiments with Miss Teretha Jones and Malcolm of the Contraband Relief Society in support, rallied to render honors to the two African American Civil War soldiers buried there. You will also be pleased to know that Joe Becton, as usual, captivated the assemblage with his stirring words. Reverend Ezekiel Bey evoked the blessings of a merciful God on the souls of the gallant men buried there. To complete the tableau, none other than Mr. Frederick Douglass, that peerless abolitionist, reminded us all that freedom is never given, it is taken by those who are willing to strike a blow. All in all, I am happy to report that another weekend has seen the members of the United States Colored Troops continuing to "tell the story" in their own inimical way. I am,

ours truly,
Sgt.Ward - 6th Regiment USCT

Joe Bectons Knowledge Bits:

Letter from Camp Penn to an editor at the THE RECORDER which gives an account of a lecture by Harriet Tubman, and other topics.

Events to Look for

Patriots Week
Check out the events during Trenton's Patriot Week. Note there are some events specificly geared for youth.

Battle of Trenton

Mark your calendars! January 30TH - Reenactments the Battles of Trenton. See the Ten Crutial Days website from previous reenactments. African-American reenactors from the Trenton and around the Delaware Valley represent the blacks who fought in the historic 14TH Continental (Glover's Marbleheaders) at the 1st battle, and the Rhode Island Regiment , at the second battle.

2007 Capital Ball

Save the Date! Old Barracks Association ~ 17th Annual Capital Ball Saturday, February 24, 2007 *The Ball honors The African American Experience in the Revolution. Dr. Clement A. Price will be the guest speaker. Call for tickets, sponsorships or ad information at 609- 396-1776.

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