Apr 27, 2007

ONLINE NEWSLETTER Spring 2 4/27/07

Bound Brook Canceled
Unfortunately due to the flooding, the annual Battle of Bound Brook reenactment has been canceled due to the flooding. Our thoughts and prayers go to our comrades-in-arms there.

Neshaminy Reenactment

The regiment decided not to attend as a unit. This is the 2nd year that the event has done a 1962 battle. While we like to support the event, the regiment only participates in events in which historic USCT regiments fought (1863-1865). This is disappointing. It is the largest event in the area and a great opportunity for cadets to participate. There is currently discussion among local USCT reenactors about organizing events ourselves to insure that we are not entirely dependent on the decision of others. It is our primary mission to tell the story of USCT. This would be inline with the USCT Symposium's thinking. The plan is for the symposium to sponsor two events a year.

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