Nov 23, 2008

The Huzzah!! Fall'08

Inauguration Parade
The Sons of Union Veterans and the U.S. Volunteers have contacted U.S.Colored Troops units about participation in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. November 5th was the deadline for units to submit applications to participate to the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee. A lot of planning still needs to be done around staging and transportation logistics. As a whole, a Civil War impression a consisting of a full brigade of period Infantry, horse drawn Artillery and Cavalry is being requested, planned for, and sought.

Event Attendance
It's was a very busy fall.The demand for our participation has been encouraging. The Regiment has had to resort to sending contingents to attend different events scheduled on the same day, or supplementing our numbers with the 3rd and 22nd USCT to have a good showing. Sometimes a Civil War and Revolutionary War events are scheduled for the same day, so we split the group according to who participates in the respective periods. Most of our re-enactors in Rev War come from the USCT regiments to form up as the 1st Rhode Island Regiment. A list of our fall activities can is at our website with links to video clips or pictures.

Featured Re-enactor
The unvailing of the Oh Freedom! , an exhibit about African-Americans during the American Revolution and its aftermath was a moving and inspiratioal event. A highlight of the event was the perfomance of Fred Minus, who portrayed Negro Prime whose manumission by the New Jersey legislature (Act 70, "
An Act for setting free Negro Prime") on November 21, 1786, was celebrated by the event.

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