Dec 22, 2008

Patriots Week Edition

Picture of Al Ward as MarbleheaderRevolutionary Flava
The Patriots' Week celebration starts this week in Trenton New Jersey. Throughout the week activities commemorate the Revolutionary birth of our nation. Members of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment, and other minority historical interpreters, and researchers participate, and bring enriching diversity to the celebration.

Events of Note
Friday, the 26th, 11:30 to 12:30, Old Barracks Court Yard. The Public Reading of "The American Crisis". Our members and other re-enactors circulate among the attendees, portraying civilians and soldiers, and interpret the reaction of blacks of that period to Thomas Paines essay.

Christmas Day. 1PM. Washington Crossing Historic Park.Re-enactment of Washington crossing of the Delaware. A contingent of our members participate in this event to represent the black sailor/soldiers who crossed with Washington. Among his most experienced troops, they fought in the vanguard on the attack on Trenton.

Saturday, the 27th, 11 to12, beginning at the Battle Monument. The First Battle of Trenton. The regiment's men-at-arms and cadets will combine with other re-enactment groups, to form up as Glover's Regiment, the Marbleheaders, which was composed of seafarers. Many were men of color, freemen and slaves.

Saturday the 27th, 3 to 4, Mill Hill Park. The Second Battle of Trenton. We'll be part of the New England forces as the Rhode Island Regiment.

Sunday, the 28th, 2:30 to 3:30, at the New Jersey State Museum. Olivia Carpenter, of the Department of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, will present the a facinating look at the circumstances of black soldiers pursuing in freedom battle and in the War's aftermath. She will draw on artifacts and depictions included in the "Oh Freedom!" exhibit on display at the museum.

Monday, the 29th, 4 to 5, at the 1719 William Trent House. Historical interpreter Noah Lewis gives a dramatic portrayal of Ned Hector, a black colonial patriot who fought in the Battle of Brandywine and Germantown.

Wednesday, the 31st, at the Masonic Temple. Fred Minus, the regiments president and part of the Old Barracks Museum eduational staff, will discuss the role of blacks in the American Revolution.

Over the years the 1st Rhode Island and Trenton Old Barracks have sent interested African-American kids to Musicians Camp, held at the Barracks. Some have gone on to join the Fife & Drums of the Old Barracks. The Fife & Drums can be seen in concert Sunday the 28th, 12 to 1 and Wednesday from 1 to 2, at the Masonic Temple.

I'll be posting to this blog and streaming vidio clips to the 6th USCT websites event page from activities that I'm able to attend.

Leon Brooks

Inaugural Parade Update
The 6th regiment USCT's application to march in the parade was rejected by the Presidential Inaugeral Committee. No reason was specified for the rejction of the 6th's application, but the PIC indicated that they were inundated by applications. We were hoping to brigade with the Sons of Union Veterans (SVU). They have the resources, and logistical know how to mobilize such a large group, about 700. Unfortunately, their application was also rejected.

Leon Brooks

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