Sep 27, 2009

New Market? OK. But, Do You Get Paid?

Rifle Firing Demo

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Rifle Firing Demo


38th Regiment US ColoredTroops Cadets

38th Regiment US ColoredTroops Cadets

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This weekend, Civil War re-enactors are at Fort Harrison near Richmond Virginia,, commemorating the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of New Market Heights, also known as Chaffin's Farm, This battle has special significance to the re-enactors of the 6th Infantry Regiment US Colored Troops. The historic 6th USCT, fighting as part of the 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, I8th Corps, won 3 Medals of Honor at this engagement in September 1864. We'll walk the hallowed ground and tell visitors the story about sacrifice and valor. It was especially satisfying to see a group of five young troopers from the 38th USCT, no older than 12, visiting the event. I felt great pride in telling them about this battle to those who could possibly be telling the story themselves one day. We're kind of getting long in the tooth, and the black reenactment community is young and still small. But such future considerations are the furthest thing from their mind. The two questions they had for me were "Do you get paid for doing this?" and "How heavy is it?", referring to the replica 1861 Springfield rifle I carry. The questioner expressed disappointment and disdain when I told him that we were all volunteers. The second question boys inevitably ask whenever I appear at an event.

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