Feb 19, 2010

3 Centuries of African-American Soldiers - submitted by Leon Brooks

The Black History Month Committee of
the Trenton Historical Society
The Old Barracks Museum

Three Centuries of African American  Soldiers

Come hear the living history of America’s black warriors brought to life by dedicated reenactors. View the photos, see the artifacts and talk to the storytellers of America’s men and women of African descent at war. A wonderful educational experience for the whole family and school classes, see this uniquely American story come to life.
  • The 1st Rhode Island Regiment Revolutionary War reenactors
  • Oh Freedom NJ DEP exhibit focusing on New Jersey’s Black Colonial and Loyalist soldiers in the Revolution
  • Black Marines in The War of 1812 
  • The 6th Regiment United States Colored Troops Reenactors recreating the lives of Black Soldiers in the Civil War  
  • Trenton’s Mitchell Davis in The Great War Display and lecture sponsored by the Mitchell Davis VFW Post of Trenton NJ
  • The 5th Platoon World War II  Reenactors Featuring the collections of Art Collins Platoon leader
  • Tuskeegee Airmen DisplayPhotos and literature 
  • Buffalo Soldiers of the West
  • The Buffalo Soldiers in Korea. The Living history of a Korean War Veteran Bob Groce of the25th infantry Division
Saturday, February 27th ,and Sunday February 28th, 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Trenton’s Old Barracks Museum 101 Barracks Street, Trenton NJ
(609) 396-1776

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