Mar 19, 2011

United States Colored Troops Civil War Weekend

USCT Civil War Weekend

This is your offical invitation to the Third Annual Philadelphia United States Colored Troops Civil War Weekend will be offered on April 2-3, 2011. This is the sesquicentennial of America’s greatest conflict, the 3rd USCT invites all to come to share and learn the forgotten stories of the most tumultuous period of our nation’s history.

The activities will be centered at Historic Fort Mifflin with events and related exhibits throughout the city. This event is being sponsored by the 3rd Regiment USCT Civil War Re-enactors, Old Fort Mifflin Historical Society, and Fort Mifflin on the Delaware. The goal of the event is to tell the stories of the African Americans during the Civil War, their struggles to serve, for citizenship, for equal pay, for good equipment and freedom. We will tell these stories through plays, music, demonstrations, interactive programs, videos, films, lectures and first person impressions.
We are inviting all USCT units and Ladies to come and participate, in drills, lectures, plays, demonstrations, and music to bring the era and these stories alive.
Reenactors can sleep in the Fort for free, bring sleeping bags as well as 19th century gear it will get cold.
Fort Mifflin is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania near the airport on Fort Mifflin Road
The Buildings date mostly to the Civil War era and were used during the war as a prisoner of war camp.
USCT’s were not stationed here during the Civil War.

Please attend our event.
Sgt. Major Joseph H. Lee
Third Regiment Infantry USCT
"Rather die freemen than live to be slaves"

Friday April 1 Fort Opens 10-4 School Day School groups tour Fort and Soldier life program
3:30 Coffee and Rolls served
4:00 Reenactors start moving into the barracks and casements
Saturday Fort opens to public 10-4
7:30 Coffee and Rolls served
9:00 Muster in ranks and Officers meeting
School of the soldier, Fort Tours programs, plays and exhibits.
1:00 Lunch Provided in the Hospital
4:00 Viewing of the Movie Glory in the Bake Oven

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