Aug 25, 2012

Weekend Update

 Upholding the Tradition

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Cadet Kyle Allen in 1st Rhode Island/6th USCT Regiments
Pvt Kyle Allen.jpg
Private Kyle Allen in 193rd Infantry Brigade
Drummer, Kyle Allen, is as most of us have,  going on to serve, and  now a Private in the US Army - the second member currently on active duty He is at basic training at Fort Jackson, SC. Private Allen joined the regiment at a young age. He attended Old Barracks' Musician's  Camp and participated in many living history, reenactments, and ceremonial events. Recently he was casted as George Washington's slave, Billy Lee, in the film America's First D-Day (still in production)

Monmouth Photo Shoot

Augest 25th, the staff of Monmouth Battle Field will be photographing the First Rhode Island Regiment, for its' newly renovated visitors center. 

According to Joe Becton, our regiment's historian, the First Rhode Island created a detachment, on 1 June 1778 , detached to Captain Thomas Arnold and fought at the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, on 28 June 1778. On 1 July it became Captain Jonathan Wallen’s company.
The Second Rhode Island Regiment and Captain Thomas Arnold's detachment from the First Rhode Island, fought at the Battle of Monmouth White, Black and Red soldiers served in his detachment.

The list Africans who served in Arnold’s detachment and company in June of 1778. 
The photos will be taken of us at the positions where the Rhode Islanders were deployed during the historic battle.  Altogether, an estimated 900 men of color fought at Monmouth with the colonial forces.


Leon Brooks.

1st RI Regiment of Foot, Continental Line

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