Feb 18, 2017

Alpha Phi Alpha's Legacy of Leadership and Valor

Cornell University has an online exhibit called the Great War that was created to commemorate Alpha Phi Alpha's Centennial. It features the contributions of our fraternity during WWI. It is a proud legacy of leadership and sacrifice. Alpha lobbied the government to create an Officers' training camp for black troops and thirty-two Alpha men were granted commissions. Officer's Candidate School (OCS) first originated during the American Civil War to train white officers and non-comms to lead regiments of the United States Colored Troops (USCT).Once again in WWI African-Americans would fight in segregated units, but thanks to the efforts of Alpha they would be led by African American officers.This year, Three Centuries of African American Soldiers will have a major exhibit commemorating the war's centennial.  Please check out the Great War exhibit, and support Three Centuries.

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