Jun 6, 2008

The first American African nominee to a major political party occurred the year of the 200TH anniversary of the ending of the legal importation of African slaves to this country. A commentator on CNN made the observation during the nomination's coverage Tuesday night. The anniversary passed on January 1st, with little fanfare. I found one article about it in the opinion pages in the New York Times. What is the significance of this historical event to us today? First Sgt. Minus often states in his presentations that history is the most important subject that you can study and that "history is the compass of the nation". The historical milestones we choose help define us, reflect our purpose, and tell our progress. Without them we cannot take full measure the significance of todays events. Ihis anniversary marks a point in a continuum of democratization that informs Obama's nomination, not as an isolated political triumph, but reflecting our nations ongoing process of expanding freedom to all. It represents the culmination of the sacrifices of freedom fighters in the American Revolution and Civil War, of the soldiers who fought for freedom and dignity in the segregated armed forces of WWII, and of the martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement.

Corp. Leon Brooks
Freedom for All
Motto of the historic 6th Regiment United States Colored Infantry

The above statement does not necessarily reflect the views of the 6th Regiment USCT or its members.

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