Jun 21, 2008

Sgt Fred Minus inspects Brown Bess muskets before the battle - making adjustments, replacing flint as needed.

picture - Sgt. Minus checking weapon

The 1st Rhode Island, interspersed with other regiments, forms up in battle lines to make up the battalion consisting of regulars, light infantry, and militia. Battle formation consists of two lines, a front rank and a rear rank .A pair of soldiers, the one in front, the other in the rear, make up a file. Several files, today from 6 to 8 make up a section or squad. Today 4 squads made up a company. Today our battalion consisted of 2 companies. Firing and marching orders can be directed to any of these components. The artillery units are already in place on the field. Reenactors drill to be able to maneuver in formation to accurately portray 18th century battle tactics.

Historic accounts from observers of the time commented how the black troops of the 1st Rhode Island were the best drilled most skillful fighters. They won the admiration of their French allies who who provided them with their cast off uniforms.

picture - Battle formation

Marching in 2 columns by files, the battalion heads through the woods to the battle field. The shade is welcome.

picture -battalion on the march

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