Jul 24, 2009

Congradulations to the Campers

Campers sing choruses at the closing ceremonies of the 2009 Old Barracks Summer Camp. The ceremony concludes a week of fun learning about colonial army life, crafts, music, and food. At the proceedings they demonstrated how they learned to drill and march in formation and handle a play musket. Parents proudly watched the performances as the campers did their maneuvers and sang, accompanied by the Fife and Drums.

The camp was highly successful. We had full attendance with 30 campers. Attendance is limited by the number muskets, on hand. The 6th Regiment USCT was able to sponsor 4 campers at $250 each! Its well worth the effort to give kids in the community the opportunity to have this experience. This yearwe reached out to the West End Community Center who found interested kids and parents.

Unfortunately, for the 2nd year, the Barracks didn't have enough sign up for the music camp. The regiment sends interested cadets to learn the fife or drum at this camp so they can form up with the regiment at events as musicians. Sergeant Major of the Drums Gyasi Mann, who grew up in the hobby as a musician in the Barracks Fife and Drums, also instructs them in Civil War period music.

The campers thoroughly enjoyed camp. We'll be looking to bring the 12 year olds into our cadet corps to participate in events with the regiment.

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