Jul 15, 2009

Play Roast Beef!


Line Up for Chow

Line Up for Chow

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At the command "Play Roast Beef", the Fife and Drums played this Revolutionary War tune that calls the troops get into formation for a meal. Today the troops here are campers, 9 to 12 years old, attending the Old Barracks Summer. The campers prepared the lunch themselves. On the menu was common pot stew, Johnny cakes, colonial bread, and honey butter. Historically, common pot stew was made by all the soldiers putting whatever they had to eat in the stew pot, so everyone would have something to eat.   Through the recreation of camp life as it was 200 years ago, they experience in Continental Army, Campers learn to:

  • Cook in the 18th century manner

  • Make  their own 18th century soldiers gear!

  • Sing and dance to 18th century music!

  • March to local historic sites and drill according to Baron von Steuben's Manual of Arms!

  • Make things using  colonial crafts!

Every year the 6th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops  sponsors minority youths to attend this camp, and invites them to participate in reenactments in the hope that they will learn that this is a part of their heritage - so one day, they can also tell the story of true freedom fighters.HUZZAH!

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