Dec 10, 2011


Dress Rehearsal – Sunday, Dec 11th
Registration and Boat Assignments:  All re-enactors, historical interpreters, and demonstrators are to register in the wall tent on the south side of the Boat Barn.  Registration will begin at 9:30 am.  Re-enactors participating in the Crossing are expected to register by 11:00 am.   Safety inspection of all black powder weapons will be conducted at registration.   No black powder may be brought into the Park for the Dress Rehearsal or Christmas Crossing unless the individual is participating with a registered, insured unit scheduled to perform musketry demonstrations as part of the formal program. 

Crossing Assembly:   An organizational meeting of all re-enactors will be held at 11:45 in the Boat Barn.  All boat assignments for troops will be made at this time.  After the organizational meeting, re-enactors in kit are asked to engage the visiting public in conversation and share your historical knowledge.  There will be a film crew interviewing random re-enactors.  Please cooperate and share your knowledge of history.  Muster for the Crossing will take place at 12:30 behind the Patriot Store.
Vehicular Access:   All vehicles must be removed from the Village no later than 9:30 am.  Vehicles will be allowed back in at 4:15 pm.
Lunch:  A light lunch for all participants will be provided by the Upper Makefield Business Association.

Christmas – Sunday, Dec 25th
Registration:   All re-enactors and demonstrators are to register in the Boat Barn.  Registration will be from 11 am to noon.  Assembly will take place in the boat barn at 11:45 am.  

General Information
Volunteer Registration:  Re-enactors are encouraged to invite friends and/or family members who are willing to assist the programs as volunteers.  Volunteer registration will be in the Trailer.

Parking for all 2011 Events:  Parking for re-enactors is at the Washington Pavilion south of Route 532.  See attached map.

The 235th Commemoration of the March to Trenton – Sat, Dec 31st , 6:30 am
Re-enactors are encouraged to participate in this special event.  Boats will cast off from the Park at first light.  Troops will join up with marchers on the NJ side and march to Trenton along the same route as Washington’s army.   At Trenton, marchers will join the re-enactment of the Battle of Trenton at 11:00 am.  We are in need of rowers for this event as well as troops to fill the boats.  Anyone may cross and march, however, in order to fight at Trenton, your unit must be registered for the Battle.  Visit for more information.

 John Godzieba and Frank Lyons, Event Co-Chairs
Joan D. Hauger, WCHP Site Administrator

POSTED By Leon Brooks,  1st Rhode Island Regiment of Foot

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